Semester: 2017-2018 Spring

Instructor: Fahd Jarad

Room:  Faculty of Art and Sciences R-222
Phone: +903122331421

Office Hours:

Wednesday:  10:20-12.10

Catalog Description:

Improper Integrals, Sequences and infinite series. Convergence tests for positive series. Alternating series test. Power series. Taylor and Maclaurin series. Applications of Taylor series.  Functions of several variables. Limit and continuity, partial derivatives, the chain rule. Gradients and directional derivatives. Extreme values. Lagrange multipliers. Double integrals. Double integrals in polar coordinates. Triple integrals. Conservative fields. Line integrals. Path independence. Connected and simply connected domains. Green’s theorem in the plane.



Calculus: A Complete Course, 8th ed., R. A. Adams and  C. Essex, Pearson, 2010

Reference Books:

Calculus, Early Transcendental Functions, 3rd ed., R. Smith and R. Minton,  McGraw-Hill, 2007

Thomas’ Calculus, 12th ed., G. B. Thomas, Jr. and M. D. Weir and J. Hass, Addison-Wesley, 2009

 Evaluation Criteria:  2 midterms %30 each, Final %40

Exam Dates:

April 5, 2018 15:20

May 2, 2018 09:20

Final Exam: 

Makeup Exam: